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What if I was to show you how you can teach your team to score an extra 7-14 points every single game no matter what level of football you're coaching?

When you look at your offense, are you EXECUTING like you know you should? 

For the first 10 years of my coaching career, even though I studied offenses constantly, I never could say that coaching my offense to be successful was easy. 

I knew there had to be a simpler way to make an offense effective, fun, and flexible, so that whoever we had athletically, we could still score points easily.  

Finally, out of a unique combination of coaching experiences at multiple schools (Spread Offense and Traditional Pro Style) the Pro Style Spread Offense concept originated. 

Then I started seeing it everywhere! Top college programs like Ohio State under Urban Meyer were running variations of it all over the place.

Best of all, now I had a system I could trust to work AND didn't cause me stress or worry.

It was so much fun, I knew I had to share it with other coaches so they could build an offense like this for their teams too. 

Even if you've never had experience building one before. 

(As a matter of fact, if you've built one before, you might even be at a disadvantage.) 

And I'll prove to you that it can work for almost any team. 

But first, as you know, good offenses have plays that work against every defensive look. And no matter what team you coach, you need to run these plays really well to get your offense scoring. 

NFL teams have these plays. So do College teams. 

And great High School and Youth teams should also. 

Turn up your volume and watch this video of the offense churning out consistent yards play after play.

If you look around, even at other styles of offense, you'll see that they too have plays that work against anything. 

Sometimes it's a run play that the blocking assignments change automatically. 

Or a pass play that finds an open window for a downfield completion in the secondary. 

So I'm confident in sharing with you that... 

You need to install dynamic plays that work against any kind of defense you play against. 

As the founder of the Pro Style Spread Offense...

I've spent the last 16 years of my life studying almost every offensive system that coaches swear by. 

And let me tell you, developing this experience helped me make some sense of it all... 

I've put together a core offense that will work with any any level 

The proof is in the last two years where we won games we should have won, and won some we shouldn't have won.

Not only that, but coaches this past season have loved it and also had great success. 

We had two teams in the Championship Games in their first season running it ever. 

(And that's a high percentage from a small pool of teams that were early adopters!) 

And right now over 100 coaches are using it.

What is available to me?

11 Offensive Video Modules ($350 Value)

The offensive modules include every play you need to build an offensive system that wins big games at any level. Once you have installed the core plays, you can keep it simple or adapt to your team's needs. There are currently 11 modules of plays available. Every module is video based and includes white board instruction where you will learn key points to executing every single play successfully. Multiple defensive fronts and coverages are shown against each play to make sure you know what to do in any situation. Full module details are included below.

Pro Style Spread Offense Installation Webinar ($50 Value)

This is a 50+ minute original video webinar that covers in detail the steps to installing and teaching the complete offensive system. Including huddle procedures, snap counts, audibles, formations and more, after watching this webinar, any coach or player will have all the groundwork to completely understanding the process and procedures of the offensive system. 

Playbooks and Powerpoints ($100 Value)  

  • Pro Style Spread Offense Playbook
  • Spread Offense Playbook
  • Offensive Introduction Playbook Slides
  • Core Run Game Playbook
  • Auxilliary Run Game Playbook
  • Every HUDL play drawn up in .pdf

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What Coaches are saying...

As a first year 12u head coach I wanted to install an offense that had a good combination of power runs with the pass game. After researching different offenses online, I found the Pro Style Spread Offense. It was easy to install and the team caught on quickly. I ran a lot of power, counter, dives and toss all season with success. The play action is awesome with FB boot and TE pop. I will be running this offense next season and plan on opening up the passing game by adding more Trips and Doubles formations along with Bubble Screen plays. We made it to the Championship game in a very competitive league in Southern California. I highly recommend this offense. 

John Ramirez - 12u Redlands, IEJAAFC

“Before I found out about Pro Style Spread Offense Insiders, I had to figure out things based on trial and error. I ended up joining because I liked the concept of spreading a team across the field to gain an advantage, but still having a powerful run game. What sold me was when I saw that it could be applied to youth football and wasn’t just for high school teams. After joining, I’ve learned a lot about the system, but especially how to be a better play caller. This season, we didn’t have the best team in the league, but because of the Pro Style Spread Offense System, we were the only team to put up points on the league champs. They just had more horses.”

Aaron Gift - Tennessee Tar Heels

"What I like about Coach Hahnstadt's coaching material is the totality of everything....your terminology, the way you speak about it, it's simple. Now that I'm getting into coaching, I'm able to follow you in the way you present it and how you go over it. Using the video and picture in picture makes it very simple and I'm confident now that I can keep it simple and relate it to my players. Your version of the spread is easy to translate - and what your doing is very effective. I've been going over your plays with my son and he understands them easily at only 10 years old. Then you show game footage of it as well so you can see the speed of it and how well it works."

Mike Yarbrough - Offensive Coordinator - Youth Football Coach

“I have always seen the importance in developing myself as a coach. I would find most new strategies using internet searches, coaching videos and coaching clinics. When I saw something about the Pro Style Spread Offense online, I started discussing some strategies with Coach Hahnstadt. As we were emailing, it became apparent that what we were doing was similar and becoming an insider would be beneficial. After joining, I’ve really honed down some aspects of our current offense making things much more effective with our spacing and alignments. A lot of our quick passing game improved due to what we got from being a member.”

Jeremy Reynolds – Offensive Coordinator – Springs Valley High School, IN

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Module 1: Intro

  •  First Steps to Building Your Offense – What you should consider first before beginning installation.
  •  Offensive Basics Video Webinar – Benefits, formations, procedures, play calling, and more.
  •  Passing Tree – The simple numbering system that players can understand and perform in just minutes.

Module 2: Core Run Plays

  •  24-25 Power – My favorite play, and one we rely heavily on. Dominate defenses with angles and double teams and more blockers at the point of attack. Every detail covered specifically.
  •  24-25 BOE – (Back On End) The same power play without a Tight End. Useful for spread formations or weakside when a defense cheats to the strength.
  •  22-23 Iso (Read) – A Smash-mouth inside run play Isolating the Fullback with a head of steam on an inside LB. 
  •  28-29 Toss – Gets the ball outside quickly allowing speedy running backs to run to green grass.

Module 3: Auxiliary Run Plays

After your core run is installed, Auxiliary Run plays are the first step to adding complexity to your offense. 

  •  24-25 Counter – Similar blocking to Power, but toward the weakside with the RB faking Power.
  •  Fly Sweep – Built off the same rules as Toss, but adding in a full speed motion from the wing formation.
  •  14/15 Fly Sweep Counter – Counter blocking scheme (similar to Power) with a fake fly sweep action to freeze the defense.
  •  Jet Sweep – Also built off Toss, but brings running back from spread formation to generate greater speed and pressure on defensive perimeter.

Module 4: Bunch Package of Plays

  •  Bunch Toss – Out-number defensive alignments and catch teams off-guard with this play.
  •  Bunch Fly Sweep – Outside attack to the back side away from the Bunch Trips.
  •  Bunch 98 Pass – Deceptive play action pass that freezes defenders before attacking vertically.

Module 5: Sprint Out Plays

Sprint out passing plays simplify pass protection and give the QB momentum into the throw that makes it easier to get the ball downfield. I also call these the original RPO (Run Pass Option) because a talented QB can always tuck it and run if he doesn't like what he sees!

  •  Quick 189 – A simple take on the Run and Shoot "Go" route from Trips formation.
  •  716 – A deep to shallow concept that attacks three levels of defenders in a "flood" pattern.
  •  870 – Vertical concept that attacks Cover 2.
  •  990 – Empty vertical concept attacking Cover 3.
  •  34/35 Sprint Draw – Our top counter to the Sprint Out pass.

Module 6: Play Action

The Play Action Pass is the biggest problem for defenses that jump all over key run reads in anticipation of a running play. It is critical to have amazing play action from the same formations that mirror your core run plays. 

  •  16 – Curl/Flat concept.
  •  19 – Out/Fade concept.
  •  70 – Smash concept or Corner/Hitch high-low.
  •  75 – Deep out with Deep Corner over the top.
  •  33 – Double Outs concept.
  •  33&Up – Double Move off the Double Outs concept.
  •  Iso Pop Pass – Hard Iso Play-Action fake sets up sucker pass to Tight End.
  •  Waggle Pass – Weak Side Play Action.
  •  Boot – Strong Side Play Action.

Module 7: Quick Passing Plays

Take advantage of weaknesses in pass defense based on alignment and spacing. Plays are perfect for CWM (Check With Me) on the line and pairing up with RPO's (Run-Pass Option). 

  •  All Hitches – Quick Hitch reading leverage and depth of defenders.
  •  Trips Quick 189 – Trips Formation and an Out/Seam Read attacking Outside Line Backers.
  •  Quick Y-Stop – Goalline or 2 Minute situation route to backside of Trips.
  •  Doubles Quick 22 – Double Slants Quick concept.
  •  Doubles Quick 19 – Out/Fade concept great vs. Cover 2.
  •  Doubles Quick 33 – Timing route of Double Speed Outs that is great for Deep Zone Corners.

Module 8: Dropback Passing Plays

Utilizing a solid Pass Protection in BOB that is Half-Man Half-Zone, your QB can work through progressions and identify based on coverages, matchups and defender techniques where to deliver the ball correctly every time. 

  •  BOB Pass Pro – Half Zone/Half Man Slide Protection. Simple. Effective.
  •  All Go – 4 Vertical Passing Concept.
  •  Shallow – Air Raid Concept stretching LB's with width and depth. Simple reads for QB.
  •  Trips Y-5 – Backside of Trips Deep Out Timing Route.

Module 9: Goal Line & Red Zone Plays

Core Runs and Play Action passes are tweaked personnel and formations to make these plays much more challenging to stop without being difficult to practice. 

  •  Double Tight Wing – 24 Power – Powerful play for grinding out 2-3 yds. every time.
  •  Power I – 24 Power – Personnel group that simplifies Power with no need for pulling.
  •  Power I 25 Naked – Play Action for the Goal Line.

Module 10: How to Call Plays

This Module has just been released and covers the essential steps to building an effective game plan that gives your team the opportunity to win every situation. 

From identifying defensive structures to building a practice plan, every step that great offensive coaches take to building their offensive game plan is covered. 

If you've ever struggled with knowing what plays will work as you scout a defense each weak, this will help you find weaknesses and exploit them.

Module 11: Drills to Install and Practice Plays

Installing the run and pass plays involves carefully planning and execution. I cover practical steps to getting the most from your drills and how to progress from small seperate groups to ending in a full team practice session with the entire play practiced fully. Make sure you are not making any of the common errors most coaches make that I describe in this module.

Module 12: No Huddle/Tempo

Three part video series detaling the most important aspects of the no huddle offense and how simply it can be run from the Pro Style Spread Offense. 


 Bonus Items!

How To Run The Bubble Screen Online Coaching Clinic ($60 value)

This online coaching clinic contains all the essential components to install a complete Bubble Screen Package that gets your best players in space, spreads the field and scores points fast. You can't miss on how to run this Pre-Snap RPO (Run-Pass Option) that makes it easy to find the right play to call.  

If you're not running complimentary plays and scoring points from from big plays in your screen game – this will help you change that. 

  • Downloads: Bubble Screen Files and Presentation 
  • Module 1: Bubble Screen Setup/Basics – Formations, Personnel, Motions, Play Calling.
  • Module 2: Bubble Screen Installation and Video Analysis – Twins and Trips Installation.
  • Module 3: H-Bubble Screen Installation and Video Analysis – Twins and Trips to H out of the Backfield.
  • Module 4: Position Techniques for the Bubble Screen – OL, WR, RB and QB skills and techniques.
  • Module 5: Bubble Slant Installation and Video Analysis – Attack Cheating Line Backers.
  • Module 6: Bubble Go Installation and Video Analysis – Attack Cheating Safeties and Corners.
  • Module 7: Playcalling and Game Preparation – What plays to install, call, and when to call them.
  • Module 8: Installation and Drills – How to simplify and maximize practice time.

Full Game Sample Film ($35)

Taken in both sideline and endzone camera angles, this high school film shows every play used in an entire game of running this offense. 

Watch how plays are packaged together and coaches call plays to attack the defense. 

The Six Critical Steps to Building Your Offense ($15)

Take these steps to insure that personnel groups and formations are developed properly. 

Identify your core offensive identity through team strengths. 

Game Plan Evaluations ($50)

These narrated videos are samples of member High School teams that I have evaluated and discussed in detail their strengths and areas of improvement. See how the system can help your team in specific areas of growth.

Offensive Strategy Essentials ($25)

  • The first video in the series of detailed basic offensive strategy. How to count defenses and identify a formation to use to gain a strength and dictate to the defense. 
  • Full current videos of this very launch. Formations, Core Run Plays and How To Dictate to the Defense with the Passing Game. 

This Course Includes:

  • Streaming from any device
  • Lifetime access
  • 100% money back guarantee

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From Coach Hahnstadt

"Build your offense with concepts and strategies that are simple and proven to work."

Freqently Asked Questions

What is the result expected after becoming a member?

As a member you will have access to a complete offensive package of plays. All the plays work well together and a simple system for installing, game planning and calling the plays is included. No results can ever be guaranteed with any offensive system because of all the variables that exist, but positive personal experiences of myself and other coaches running similar systems are plentiful. I have done the best I can to teach each play against as many possible variables as you might see. If you play a team that shows something I haven't covered, I am happy to assist you in reviewing or giving ideas on how you can create a game plan against it. Other coaches may have ideas as well and may choose to address your questions in the Facebook group, forum or comments.

How long does it take to complete the course? And do I have access to it in the future?

To watch every single video may take more then 10 hours. I do not recommend this however because each video is packed with information and consuming it this way may cause many things to be overlooked. I recommend you start with the introduction and the process for installation and then begin by selecting your core plays. You will always have access to all of the material as long as your subscription is active. If your payment is declined and your membership expires, your access will be removed. The videos are shared as streaming only and cannot be downloaded - however you can watch them with an internet connection as many times as you wish 24/7. We are not responsible for any connection issues you may have.

Will you ever add more material? Will you ever offer this membership at the same price?

I will regularly add more material related to the offense as well as football coaching strategies in general. I may also re-record videos and reorganize the structure of the material to better suit members as I get more feedback. As long as you maintain active membership, the price of your subscription will never be raised. I may raise the price of the membership for new members in the future.

I've never been a member of an online site? How difficult is it to learn the material?

If you have an internet connection, you are set up to view the content. That's all. I have even tried it on my smartphone and it works just fine to watch the videos. It's actually easier than going to class, since you have access to the material on your schedule. You will use your username and password to login and then click on the Insider Members tab for exclusive content.

Have another question?

If you would like to chat or ask any other questions about the membership, I am happy to help you discuss whether it would be a good fit or not. You can contact me any time by clicking HERE. I will be ready to respond as quickly as possible. You may also contact me on Twitter @prostylespread or send me a message in the Facebook group "Pro Style Spread Offense". 

"If you are like I was, you probably don't think that any one system is the answer to all your problems as a coach." 

I had tried many systems before and thought the same thing. I also believed that some systems were only great if I had the right kind of players. I knew we didn't and felt I'd end up frustrated trying a new offense next season. I feel your pain if this is you. Don't lose hope. Start simple and build your offense from the ground up. If you get those athletes, great, but if not, I'm confident you can make this system work without them. I've had top running backs go down in game one, then by game three realized that I never would have discovered some hidden talent had the injury never happened.

"Most coaches when faced with the opportunity to change and make improvements will resist because they want to stick with what they know best." 

This is not the mindset of coaches who are looking to improve constantly and make their program the best one possible. You can't sit in your own comfortable ways without risking change and expect great things to happen. I've had some failures and had to change things to make them work, but the successes that have come out of trying new things I learned from other coaches have been huge. I can't imagine doing the same exact things every year without pushing the limits and seeing if there might be a better way.

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